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Plastic cards are widely used in almost all social and business spheres. Compatible with ISO standard printing and personalization of all card systems.
Plastic cards standard size is: width – 8.57 cm, height – 5.40 cm and thick – 0.076 cm.

There are different colors and varieties. The most common are ordinary plastic PVC cards and magnetic tape, it can be LoCo and HiCo, also contactless and contact smart cards with different functionality, such chips and any non-standard type and application cards.


Contactless Cards

Contactless cards are made on the basis of RFID technology using radio waves. These cards use coil and a microchip that is not visible on the surface of the card and using a radio antenna transmit information to a remote location, without the need for physical contact between the card and reader.
They have pretty good stamina, flexibility and convenient integration for various applications.


Contact Cards

Contact cards have Loco and HiCo magnetic stripe about 12 mm size from one side. They have ability to store a certain amount of information recorded on magnetic tape. Recording is more stable and can hardly be destroyed by external influences.

Cards are compatible with ISO standard and make it applicable to all readers.


Smart Cards

Smart cards are pocket size and called chip cards because presence an external chip, which is able to process information. These cards have a microprocessor component, also contains memory which can be overwritten.
Material of cards are PVC plastic. For additional protection can be embedded hologram that will prevent counterfeiting.


Unusual cards

This category combines the most unusual models cards intended for general use, both in number of retail outlets, and the original image and presentation of brands.
Such as: plastic PVC cards 3-in-1 keychain – they are legitimizing and do not have the opportunity to store other information, unless written on the surface; Transparent PVC cards – give a unique look at the performance of client brand; Self-adhesive plastic cards with the possibility of sticking on Clamshell contactless and RFID cards.



Gift Vouchers

Vouchers and gift cards have become a universal gift for friends, family, employees and others. It’s an excellent way to introduce more customers returning loans and encourage sales.


Government Institutions

More government institutions use plastic PVC ID cards to their employees. Suitable for access to secure buildings and inlet pass through the turnstile and other devices.


Education and training

Schools and private training centers often use a couple of PVC cards and identification badges for their teachers and students. In some cases, can serve to account for training or discounts.



Plastic cards are widely used for hotels. Most of the hotels doors open with contactless smart cards. So they save on the price, as the cards are cheaper than key and increase security.


Sports and Recreation

Sports centers using plastic cards for authentication when accessing buildings or vouchers with discounts. Most often such cards are found in gyms, spas, sports halls for group and others.



Much of malls and shops, using PVC cards with barcode and such magnetic tape for the implementation of loyalty programs, promotions, percentage discounts and sales analysis.


Health centers

Plastic PVC cards are preferred by many health centers and hospitals to authorize access to specific areas, laboratories and login. Also in the administration to monitoring registration of patients.


Entertainment and clubs

Club cards are a modern way to join the various communities. Most often use membership cards in business clubs, sports teams, clubs, artists and celebrities and clubs for nightlife.


ID cards

Identification cards are a global standard establishing the identity of the person as a citizen and his affiliation to an organization, country or community.


Building access

Controlling access to buildings, cooperatives, elevators, garages and other made by contactless magnetic cards (RFID). Also with cards are monitored regularity of payments from residents.



In city transport are widely used contactless magnetic cards. They serve to control access to vehicles, by considering the regularity of payments made by passengers.

About us


Polimex.cards is a part of Polimex Holding company specialized in the production of plastic cards.The company is equipped with modern production line for plastic and contactless (RFID) cards. Polimex Holding has own offices in the cities of Sofia, Pleven, Plovdiv and Varna, as well as its own production base in the city Bozhurishte.

High-tech company capabilities enable higher print runs of products, unmatched in the market in terms of quality and best prices.

Polimex Holding on the Bulgarian market since 1994. The company is a leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of security systems, control and safety.
The company has been audited and certified under the international quality standard
ISO 9001: 2008.

Long experience and striving to provide high quality services have helped build numerous relationships with leading companies and organizations from home and abroad.
Our ambitions are aimed at achieving customer satisfaction, maintaining a high level of quality and development.

The company has its own online shop with a wide range of plastic cards and other products for access control.

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